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The values   at SSKES are deeply rooted in the societal concerns, serious social issues which mandates immediate attention. We are very well aware about our responsibility towards the society. “Sankalpa” is conceived with the goal of bringing cheer and solace to the lives of downtrodden and underprivileged members of the society. We at Sankalpa do not believe in feeding the poor with food instead teaching them to earn the livelihood through education and skills, so that the pangs of hunger, humiliation are permananently erased from their lives.

In order to ink the permanent change in the lives of less fortunate individuals in the society, we impart primary and secondary education to the tribal children from the remotest part of Vidarbha region. It is a matter of great pride to see the cheer and happiness in the lives of this children who are nested in the residential accommodation “Aai”, which means mother. The concept of “Home away from Home” is applicable to our residential accommodation “Aai.”

Hosts of programmes are undertaken regularly to train rural women in the areas of tailoring, fashion designing, soap making, handicrafts making so as to enable them to earn the respectable means of livelihood. We not only teach these women in various trades but ensure the right market for their products at various places in and around the city.

“Sankalpa “ has enabled SSKES to realize its   potential as responsible organization who is   able to contribute to the cause of changing lives of less privileged members of the society.